Will court judgement, overrule Lalu’s confidence to lead anti-BJP rally?

Lalu prasad Yadav

Provoked by the recent raids and searches done on the premises and offices of Lalu Prasad Yadav, he is now more determined to carry forward the rally against BJP on 27 August. Yadav accused the government of plotting conspiracy against him and his son. He also said that it was all rumors and demanded to know which 22 places were raided by the IT department.

In his statement to ETV Lalu said that, whenever he has taken the command everybody had to go down. He said that he has vowed to throw Modi government out of the Centre rule. He added that the government has drastically failed to fulfill any of its promises and is playing politically.

Lalu Prasad Yadav is confidently boasting about his rally against BJP because many other political leaders have approached him, showing their interest in supporting him. Sonia Gandhi and Mamata Baneerjee have given their confidence of support and Yadav has approached other leader asking for support including Mayawati.

But the major question here is, will Lalu be on bail for such a long period, as the Supreme Court has granted the CBI plea to continue criminal conspiracy charges against him. RJD will be facing fresh trials for all four cases as per the apex court order. With regard to this Chittranjan Prasad Sinha, who is representing Lalu in the fodder scam cases said that apex court judgment will have no repercussion on the bail granted to his client by Supreme Court.

Though senior lawyer in the Patna High Court YV Giri, who also once represented Lalu, contradicted Chittranjan’s statement. He said that CBI court in Ranchi could pass its judgement anytime regarding the case number RC64A/96, fake withdrawal of Rs 90 lakh from Deoghar treasury. If Lalu is proved guilty, he will be behind the bars anytime regardless of any bail granted.