10 reasons why you should date a Mumbai Girl

This list is EXCLUSIVELY for those guys who have endlessly pondered as to what it’s like to date a Mumbai girl. What is so special about the Mumbai chicks? Do they have some kind of a special persona or does the Mumbai tag just do it all? Scroll down to find out what is it that separates the Mumbai girls from the rest!
Disclaimer: This list is just a humourous take on the topic by the writer and nothing mentioned here is carved in stone!

1) TrendyTrendy girls

Most of the people will agree with me about this: Mumbai girls are a sight for sore eyes! And a lot of the credit for this goes to their dressing sense. It’s like they’re born with an amazing sense of fashion. They are the ones that follow the latest fashion trends and styles. They will tell you what ‘goes’ and what doesn’t ‘go’ with a particular outfit instantly. They are like walking encyclopedias when it comes to various brands, designers, stylists and outlets. The guys surely have a hell of a competition at times matching up to them in this category!


2) Working Condition

Mumbai girls love working, and that’s their only condition. No matter what the job or how big the pay packet, the Mumbai girl takes pride in being a working woman and hence a self made individual. Heavy rains, sweaty hot summer days or delayed trains cannot stop them from reaching their respective work places, and that too on time most often. Guys are left speechless when they see Mumbai girls managing their homes, their work, as well as their social life quite effortlessly!

3) Finance Minister

Handling finances comes quite naturally to the Mumbai girl. Apart from having knowledge about where to get the most reasonable outfits from or where to eat the most luxurious food from, these girls know how to effectively handle “money matters” and manage their finances as per the circumstances. After spending on their monthly shopping trips, eating out, partying and miscellaneous expenses, the Mumbai girls even manage to save 99% of the times.

4) Born sportswomen

You just can’t imagine the athletic activity that is a part of a Mumbai girl’s routine. And no, I’m not referring to the fitness freaks that are into hard core running, ‘gymming’ or yoga. I’m talking about those whose day involves racing to catch the 9:02 local, jumping over puddles, swimming through monsoon floods, hurtling across the busy road, climbing up the success ladder and running after fame and fortune. If that’s not a lot of physical activity then what is?

5) Hangout

You would never have to worry about your weekend plans as your girl would haveHangout already made one. Mumbai girls love to hangout. They aren’t the typical “home – loving” creatures. Ask them for short trips, day at the beach, and visit to the malls or even a simple pizza dinner – they’re always up for it. I guess that’s what makes them simply fun to be with.

6) Foodies 

Girls out here are the “know – it – all” type when it comes to food. They know exactly where to get the best Pav Bhaji from or where to eat the most delicious Chinese. How to match quality with one’s budget is one thing that Mumbai girls will teach you. Want to go out on a date? Most of the time, the dinner venue will be chosen by the girls. Take a Mumbai girl to a substandard eatery and chances are that she may just get up and walk out. With having said that, most are foodies and love to explore different cuisines (i.e. if they aren’t already on some stupid diet!).

Foodies7) Easy going

Who said it’s tough to impress a Mumbai chick? All you have to do is first, be her best buddy and then take her out a couple of times, get to know her, ask her out in the most romantic way possible, hang out as a couple, go for movies, dates, be romantic, dedicate songs to her and of course, sing and dance with her. Also, don’t forget to make her feel like she’s the most special and beautiful person on Earth. I mean is all this so tough for our super multitalented guys?

8) Sharp

Mumbai girls are extremely smart. They can tackle any difficult circumstance with ease. They’re strong and they don’t break down at the drop of a hat. Be it having street sense, or fighting their own battles, they simply do not require your help. However gentle, delicate or polite they may seem but these girls have sturdy hearts and sharp brains.

9) Go – getters

It goes without saying that the girls in Mumbai have a go – getter spirit. They strive for nothing but the best. They possess an immense amount of confidence, dedication, perseverance and determination. All the girls in Mumbai have one thing in common- they are all very ambitious.

10) Love being in love

One of the most important things that all you guys out there NEED to know is that most girls, if not all, are romantics. They absolutely enjoy being in love and give their 100% to their partners. Their guys will NEVER suffer a “love deficiency syndrome” if they are lucky to date a girl from Mumbai.


On a more serious note, the girls in Mumbai possess the eternally appreciated qualities of loyalty, trust, faithfulness, and sincerity. Loving a girl will make you love life!

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