10 Reasons to Feel Proud of India – the Science behind Spirituality unveiled

India is the largest democracy, the 7th largest Country in the world, and one of the most ancient civilizations. It is the birth place...

10 Disgusting Habits of Mumbai Commuters

Every Mumbaikar will certainly relate to these 10 travel tortures and every non Mumbaikar don’t say you weren’t warned! If you survive these, you could even win Khatron Ke Khiladi!

Most popular slangs spoken in Mumbai

Mumbai has a side to it that is defined through slangs, cuss words and the typical Bambaiya language used by taporis or otherwise. Bindiya Chotrani delves deeper into the many facets of Mumbai and gives you an insight into a disdained side of this city.

Kalpana Chawla death anniversary : remembering the Indian hope in space

Fifteen years ago, on the morning of February 1, the world lost 7 shining stars, and India - its first Indian-born woman in space....

India all set to ratify global conventions to beat Child Labour

India is going to ratify two key global conventions on 13 June'17 to fight child labour. This is an important step to provide child rights.

From Dharmambudhi Lake to Majestic – a less known metamorphose

Majestic Bus stop or the Kempegowda Bus Station was once Dharmambudhi Lake! Read this article to know more about this metamorphose in your very own city.

First dementia prevalence data of older lesbian, gay and bisexual adults

The first dementia prevalence data collected from a large group of older gay, lesbian and bisexual adults was presented on July 23, 2018 at...
amber gandotra

How a Jammu Teenager, Amber Gandotra triumphed over other teenagers

Amber Gandotra, a 20 years-old teenager originating from Jammu and Kashmir made his fortune by earning a lot of money through Online marketing, Affiliate...

A “Dozen that Doesn’t” make sense to ask a Mumbaikar

Don’t say you weren't warned as this is one necessary piece of item that you’re about to read if you’re new to Mumbai. Ever experienced someone meeting you at the shopping mall or cinema hall and go all “What are you doing here”? All you feel like saying is “I’m planning to launch a bomb attack” but sadly your answer has to be the obvious and stated fact. On similar lines, if you’re new to Mumbai, Shruti Barot gives you the much necessary guide to, let’s just say, not make enemies in the city.

Diwali Celebration in Delhi

The various kinds of ways people celebrate diwali in delhi and how is it funny and relatable for most of us who live in Delhi.