Friendship Day Special – 10 types of Mumbai friends

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Shruti Barot
Shruti Barot is a young, dynamic mass media undergraduate with a flair for writing and photography. She is a music enthusiast who enjoys singing and playing the keyboard. She loves to travel and explore what meets beyond the eye. Shruti has a vibrant zest for life which is clearly transmitted through all that she does.

Just like a rainbow needs 7 colours to complete it, you need these 10 types to have a complete friend circle. It takes all kinds of friends to fill your life with amazing memories. Mumbai and Bollywood being synonymous, movies inadvertently inspire Mumbaikars and their friendships!

On Friendship Day, Bollywood provides Shruti Barot with a rib – tickling assortment of friends having trademark qualities and characteristics.

1) The LUNCHBOX friend
This is the friend that comes alive at lunch breaks. All their conversations revolve around “what’s in your tiffin box”. Food seems to be the driving force in their lives and they can drive you beserk with the attention they focus on the dish of the day. While you eat to live, they clearly live to eat. They take the concept of sharing a tad too seriously.

2) The BOL BACHCHAN friend
This guy has an opinion on any and every thing. Irrespective of whether you’re tired or cheerful, happy or sad, his ranting and raving knows no end. This friend can drive you up the wall with his verbal diarrhea. If speaking endlessly were an Olympic event, this friend of yours would win Gold, Silver and Bronze!

friendship day3) The WAKEUP SID friend
There are times you need sleep and 2am surely falls in this category. But the hands on the clock don’t deter this friend from waking you up to share a sob story or some trivial talk. Their last seens would be close to the time you wake up but these night owls are surely fun to be friends with. Suddenly need someone to talk to at nights and these are at their active best.

4)  The DABANGG friend
Talk about style, talk about personality or talk about swag and this friend of yours tops the charts. His walk, his talk and his one-liners make a mark on many. This swashbuckling friend is always on high octane. He or she will add to your face value and attract the shutterbugs. They have such a strong self confidence that it could very well rub off onto you, and who’s complaining!

5) The JAB TAK HAI JAAN friend
This friend swears to stand by you through thick and thin. They are friends who put you first no matter what they are going through in life. Totally dependable and perennially supportive are their personality traits. No matter how wide your friend circle, these friends take it as their pride and privilege to stick by you as die-hard loyalists. A must-have friend for all seasons!

6) The DON friend
This ‘bhai’ has contacts with the under, outer and inner world. If you’re ever in trouble, this Gabbar can put things right with his reassuring bravado. No one dare mess with you as long as he’s around. The female version can be equally intimidating. Cultivate some of these friends in your garden of life.

7) The ROWDY RATHORE friend
Junglee is the second name of such friends. These loud-mouthed humans have no regard for the place, people or time before they shoot of their mouths. Nautanki seems to be their way of life and these brazen friends of yours can prove to be an enjoyable pain in your life.  Even in serious situations, they can break into meaningless song and dance, totally oblivious of the mood of the moment.

8) The ASHIQUI friend
“Eat Pray Love” but for these it’s all and only about LOVE. They are in love even with the idea of being in love. Writing love letters or keeping love group of friendsquotes as statuses is a part of their routine. These cupids are always up to making a match either for themselves or others around. Romantic songs are their staple diet and permanent ringtone. The heart smiley is their comma, full-stop and exclamation mark.

9) The LOOTERA friend
This is the opportunist who tends to sponge on you be it money for the auto rickshaw, sharing the tab at restaurants or returning something they borrowed. Constant reminders are what sometimes keep the friendship and contact alive. They may not indulge in their stinginess on purpose but it surely gets to you at times.

10) The ROADSIDE ROMEO friend
This friend sees everyone as a potential target to hit on. Their cheesy pick up lines and flirtatious innuendoes never cease to surprise you. They consider themselves to be God’s gift to romance, sometimes not realizing where to draw the line. Their entertaining antics can bring a smile to those around.

You must definitely have encountered many from this list if not all. They say variety is the spice of life and with friends like these; life can be one spicy adventure!


  1. Where is your work? Im guessing after reading all your posts these are assigned to u o wat? Eagerly waiting for your impressions, perceptions and
    beliefs….or mayb this is it? Let me know…

  2. Hey, the responsibility of generating content is assigned to me, but the ideas and perceptions are solely mine 🙂 I’m working on my own blog and will surely let you know! Thanks 🙂


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