How a Jammu Teenager, Amber Gandotra triumphed over other teenagers

amber gandotra

Amber Gandotra, a 20 years-old teenager originating from Jammu and Kashmir made his fortune by earning a lot of money through Online marketing, Affiliate marketing, and web designing. This 20-year-old teenager is being a mercenary merchant, where many of us would be called “amateurs” at whatever we do.

Apart from the online business, Amber plans to lay his own business organization on Food and Salon sector. Amber has set his sight to be a business tycoon to help the society and people around him in every possible way. Amber is just 20 years old, but still such a visionary.

Amber also wants to evolve as an entrepreneur, thereby creating jobs for many people in the future. Though his father is tycoon himself, Amber is urged to earn income and do something independently.
Here are some of the mind-blowing facts about Amber Gandotra

1) Amber is fond of music. In fact, his favorite musical instrument is guitar. Playing guitar has been a passion for Amber since his childhood.

2) He has always been a helping hand for many needy around him. He is such a gentle and humble person who seeks to comfort others life.

3) His favorite part-time hobby is scuba diving.

4) Amber has a huge collection of extortionate cars as he is a great admirer of cars.

amber gandotra

5) Amber’s father is a business tycoon who started his business 26-years ago. He is an authorized distributor and dealer for companies like Kirloskar, Kirloskar Brothers, Bosch, Siemens, Havells, Fischer, Stanley and much more. He also does Trading in Army in Jammu. Well, the apple does not fall far from its tree as Amber is walking in his father’s footsteps.

6) Amber’s mother has always been Amber’s best friend. She helped Amber to triumph over his problems.

7) In a talk, Amber also revealed his affection and love towards animals. Especially, his love towards dogs is unimaginable.

8) One of the favorite part-time activities of amber is to spend time on social media which helps him to interact and collaborate with other people.

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