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Meet Pooja Devi, Jammu and Kashmir’s first woman bus driver

Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: A woman named Pooja Devi to debut as the first woman driver. She is driving a passenger bus from Jammu to kathua road.

Pooja Devi, fundamentally a driving trainer, embraced this profession given her enthusiasm to turn into an expert driver. The woman driver is getting a staggering reaction from the individuals at each stop on the way to Kathua of Jammu.

Indeed, her relatives, in-laws, and parents were against this, Pooja Devi revealed to Greater Kashmir that she chose to seek after she dreamed about turning into a driver expertly regardless of all resistance from the relatives and family members.

While driving passenger transport on the Jammu-Kathua course, she is joined by her young child.

“I was amazed when my request was accepted by president Jammu-Kathua Road Bus Union, Kuldeep Singh, yesterday. He gave me a bus and encouraged me in the profession. He was the person who has trusted my skills in driving,” Devi added.

“I do not know how my family might be thinking about now. Perhaps they might have realized that my choice of becoming a professional driver was not wrong. It was not only about fulfilling my desire but also to help the family financially,” she further stated.

Pooja also told Greater Kashmir that her family was financially unstable and it was one of the reasons that she had to come out to earn money for her family.

“I was getting Rs 10000 per month as a trainer from a reputed driving institution in Jammu. When I got a heavy driving license, I approached the union and they trusted my skills by handing over a passenger bus to drive on Jammu-Kathua road, Pooja added.

While asking about why she opted for this line of profession, she said that if women can opt for the other career choices and can be pilots, doctors, police officers then why can not they become a driver.

“On every stop, people welcome me and appreciate the decision. I have received so much affection from the people and the drivers. The response is surprising and encouraging,” she said.

Sardar Kuldeep Singh, President, Jammu-Kathua Bus Union, told Greater Kashmir, “It is a good step and women should come forward. I gave her the bus yesterday when she approached me. People are welcoming her at every stop.”

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