A Mumbaikar’s mool mantras

Always wondered what makes Mumbai and the Mumbaikars so different? What is it that makes the a ‘Muqqadar ka Sikandar’? Golden rules, we call them. Traits that commonly exist amongst most Mumbaikars. Beliefs that they firmly believe in. These values may exist all around the globe but the unique blend of the ones noted below set them apart.

So is you ever wonder what keeps Mumbaikars keep going around the clock, remember that Amrietaa slipped you the secret.

This is by and large the mantra of Mumbaikars. They sweat their blood and tears to make sure that every single penny they earn is worth the work. So much so that it may seemingly look like that the Mumbai corporate culture rewards stamina more than productivity. Spending the weekends in office and working hard isn’t uncommon to them.Right from the street survivors, to the biggest corporate, all abide by this unwritten rule alike.

zeus-blog-post-keep-calm-follow-the-rulesListen to our inner voice
‘Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho… toh puri kayenaathusse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jati hai’. Well, just that. The average Mumbaikar has mastered the art of listening to his conscience. No one does it better than them. Choosing between the right and wrong, between the better and the best, between two most difficult choices – The conscience has been our best friend since forever now. Mumbai specially, is not devoid of tycoons and head honchos who’ve only succeeded out of listening to their conscience.

Stay dedicated
All that hardwork and faith would result into nothing if people lacked dedication. They’ve learnt that the best way to do anythingis by simply putting their mind, body and soul into their work. Mumbai knows no one who must have not heard of ‘Do it with your heart, or don’t do it at all’. Big or small, liked or disliked, embarassing or not – work, especially in this city, demands a full 100%

Key to dealing with fights? Tolerance. Key to dealing with ego? Tolerance. Tolerance has for long now, been the key to live a hassle-free life in Mumbai. Can do with juniors turning into seniors, wives turning into bosses. Well then, the city will welcome you with wide open arms. It welcomes all those who have conditioned themselves to be tolerant of others. It has now been extended to religion too. Mumbaikars eat, sleep and celebrate together. Whether it is Eid, Ganpati, Diwali or Chirstmas, they forget their inhibitions and apprehensions and truly define ‘ Unity in diversity’.

Karma has a simple formula, ‘What goes around, comes around’. If you have ever visited Mumbai you’ll know all about doing good deeds. They do them in the name of God and good-will, but more importantly ‘Karma‘. A tough place to live in – It has most definately taught them one motto – ‘ You do good, to get good’.

Work hard, party harder
A very apt and vivid description of what Mumbaikars believe in, this one is undoubetdly their anthem. They spend more than just the festive seasons celebrating together. They work so hard in the first place only so that they can party harder later. So much so they need no reason to party. All they need is a place and some groupies and they are good to go. Partying is their birth right and they shall have a lot of it!

Mumbaikars have some deeply entrenched beliefs. Now if you believe you are a better Mumbaikar than us, then give us a mool- mantra or two. Go ahead and share them with us!


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