Diwali Celebration in Delhi

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In most cities,  festivals are pre-dominantly celebrated in a similar manner by the majority of the population residing there, but Delhi… NO Sir it’s simply not the case here, not one festival goes here without having many NGO’s or campaigns being run by the various welfare organization to celebrate the festivals in a different way.

Here are the few Example of  various ways Diwali is celebrated ->

1) The Full-On ( serious ) celebrating kind AKA. The DUDE – They start preparing a routine for diwali 1-2 week before the big day and decide what crackers to go after what, and buy their crackers days before so as they do not want to miss the big shots they have planned beforehand. These are the  guys who would make sure the whole neighborhood knows that they are the best in Business when it comes to Diwali routine. From buying crackers worth 50k to making sure that this helps them set an example in the society they live in and in front of their friends who might end up looking at them in awe saying”wah yaar tu toh dude hai”.


2) The Normal celebrating kinds – these are the one who buy the stuff for celebration when the they feel that diwali is close enough   and they need to buy some crackers and some sweets. They don’t believe in doing anything fancy just burn some Diyas, candles put on lights and generally invite some friends over or visit them and have an evening where they eat and after eating go out to burn some crackers.


3)The Over-excited Kids-These kids are the one who would take “Bijli Bombs” on the eve of the Diwali and experiment with them by placing them in different ways in grounds,  packets,  bottles And what not!! This is just a warm-up these kids have before the Big Day when they handle the big things like rockets and get amused when those rockets  go off along the road or misfires to land on someone’s balcony or roof  “accidentally”.

kids diwali

4)The environment saving folks – They post statuses and speak to everyone they know on how to save environment by not buying crackers and how much of the world they alone have saved by convincing people not to buy crackers and then the same people would leave every piece of electrical item they have in the house left on, but some have succeeded too!

The amount of pollution have gone down year by year and capital does breathe without much difficulty next morning


5)Then folks like me – who were first like the no.3 type then as I grew up n0.3 type it was and now a new type which has realized that just stands in their balcony fully alert and enjoy the show other’s have put for me from their money.


These observation are based on true experiences.

Here is a list of tips for Diwali. Have a save  Diwali 😀




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