Cafe Vishala @ Art of Living – Satvik taste with the youth touch

Cafe Vishala Art of Living

Art of Living is a pretty familiar place for most of the people living in and around Bangalore. Started by the great visionary Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Art of Living has become a place which sees a lot of people coming in every single day for one or the other purposes.

Well, talking about art of living to a lot of people staying there, we get to hear amazing things. People do have various things to recall from the countless number of memories and I am no different. I got to visit Art of Living (Sadly it was my first time) a few days back and somehow I ended up at a cafe (Well, you got it right. A Cafe inside the premises of Art of Living) named as Cafe Vishala. After talking about it to the team there, I got to know that the cafe is started and run by a bunch of young people from across the country who are, like millions, followers of Sri Guruji.

The Counter at Cafe Vishala Art of Living

The cafe is not at a mainstream location, that means despite of visiting Ashram for so many times, people tend to miss out on this, however once you are inside this, you surely can not stop yourself from tasting those hand made items. The item cost starts from as low as Rs 20 and goes as much as Rs 300.

Cafe Vishala Pasta with butter
This is the amount of butter I prefer with Pasta đŸ˜€

Decently priced, decently organized and decently planned, Cafe Vishala can assure you of some good quality time with the food they serve. The ambiance surely does not give you a feeling of a traditional spiritual place which restricts you from enjoying yourself. The place sees a lot of youngsters coming there and enjoying with their musical group, group gigs, board games and a lot more youth orianted things and all that of course with the Satvik Food with the youth touch.

The Ambiance at the Cafe Vishala

I happened to visit the place and interact with the team there. Their dedication and determination to provide a memorable experience to anyone visiting the place is mind blowing. Just another amazing thing which happened to me at Cafe Vishala was an interaction with Bawa (One of the key figures in Art of Living) and the mentor behind the Cafe Vishala. The guy who boasts of a lot of talents, his experiences were worth listening.

Being filled with the lunch at Sri Sri Panchkarma, I did not get to try a lot of stuff there, however, the handmade chocolates, Pasta, Handmade breads were the things which I could surely stuff inside my tummy before signing off. The best thing which I found about the place was the fact that most of the stuffs used there is hand made to insure the quality, taste and most importantly, the Ashram Culture.

If you are somewhere around Art of Living, then Cafe Vishala is a place which you surely do not want to miss. However, you might have some difficulty in locating the place, so just get in and ask the security guards at the gate.

If you have been there, do not forget to share your experience with us.


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