Absence of “Abdullah Family” in the Parliament raises speculation

Farooq Abdullah

Amid the noisy session of Lok Sabha, Many parliamentarians questioned the absence of National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah and his son Omar Abdullah. The eyes of speculation have cornered the government since “Abdullah clan” is one of the important stakeholders in Kashmir representing the voice of erstwhile state’s population.

It was said that the three prominent leaders were put under house arrest in their houses before the Centre announced its decision to reorganize Jammu and Kashmir.

Today, when the Bill to revoke Article 370 and reorganize the state into 2 Union territories was introduced in Lok Sabha by Amit Shah, many Member of Parliament demanded an answer for the absence of Abdullah family. Shashi Tharoor, Congress MP also demanded the government’s reply on the matter.

To this query, Home Minister Amit Shah responded that Farooq Abdullah is not under the house arrest. He is absent from the house because of his own will. Home Minister informed the house that Farooq Abdullah is at his home and not under any detention or house arrest.

Supriya Sule, Nationalist Congress Party Member, further expressed her concerns regarding the same. She said that the discussion will be incomplete without involving the major stakeholders like Farooq and Omar Abdullah.

In the meantime, Farooq Abdullah spoke to the media expressing himself. He alleged that the Home Minister is lying to the nation.

The Jammu and Kashmir reorganization Bill, 2019 has divided the state into 2 Union territories, one being Jammu & Kashmir with the legislature and the other being Ladakh without legislature. The scrapping of Article 370 bill has also been moved by Amit Shah in the house. The Home Minister claimed that Article 370 was the biggest hindrance to the development of Jammu and Kashmir.

Various opposition parties have demonstrated their discontent through different methods. While CPI-M called for an all-India protest on 6 August, JD (U) staged a walkout from the parliament.



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