Amit Shah postpones AP tour to attend meetings for President Polls

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As the Presidential Polls are arriving closer, the NDA government is coming up together to finalise their candidate for the post.

This has been in discussion for past few days, as the non-NDA parties are also uniting together to nominate a consensus candidate for the Presidential post. Congress high command Sonia Gandhi had held a meeting over lunch last month, where almost all the non-NDA parties were invited to discuss about the same.

Some are in the favour of a second term for Pranab Mukherjee, and few are suggesting other names. However, no name has been finalized yet, neither from the NDA party, nor from the non-NDA parties.

BJP President Amit Shah, postponed his tour to Arunachal Pradesh in order to attend a national executive meeting scheduled for July 15-16 in view of the presidential election. The BJP president was to leave for the northeastern state on Monday.

The election to the top constitutional post will be held on July 17 and the last date for filing nomination is June 28. The nomination process will begin from June 14 with the issuance of a notification and the counting of votes will take place on July 20 in New Delhi.

Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and State assembly members are likely to back the NDA, however, Congress is also trying its best to lure some regional parties to support them.