Anand Pal Singh : Rajasthan Government agrees for CBI investigation

Anand Pal Singh Ravana
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The government of Rajasthan finally gave up in front of the growing anger among the Rajputs. In a meeting held between the representatives of Rajput community and the government, it agreed in principle to all the demands led by the community representatives.

The representing committee from the government included Rajasthan home minister Gulab Chand Kataria, Rajput MLA Rajendra Singh Rathore and BJP state head, Ashok Parnami. The committee of the Rajputs was led by Girraj Singh Lotwara, Lokendra Singh Kalvi, Mahavir Singh Sarvari, Balwir Singh Hathoj, Jabar Singh, Dileep Singh Ghodiwara, Bhanwar Singh Reta, Karan Singh Rathore, Yashwardhan Singh, Mohan Singh Hathoj and Kalyan Singh Shekhawat.

The demands which were led out by the Rajput community members included

  1. CBI Investigation in the death case of Anand Pal Singh (died on 24th June, FIR No 190/17, Ratangarh Police Station) and Surendra Singh (Died on 12th July, FIR no 238/17, Ashok Nagar Police Station).
  2. The government of Rajasthan will not act with jealousy in any other case registered regarding Anand Pal Singh case.
  3. Elder daughter of Anand Pal Singh, Chinu will not be taken into custody or threatened by the state government.
  4. Shravan Singh and his family will not be threatened or put under house arrest. They will be set free like commoners.
  5. Parents of Anand Pal Singh will get the report of first post-mortem within 24 hours of applying.
  6. People died in the clashes will be provided with the agreed compensation.