ANI Interview : Narendra Modi’s candid chat with Akshay Kumar; talks about life, dreams and relation with opposition leaders

In the Prime Minister’s candid talk with Akshay Kumar, he mentions about his life, dreams and relations with opposition leaders.

In his candid chat with the star, Akshay Kumar, PM Narendra Modi said he had not dreamt of becoming the Prime Minister ever.  Because he was from a very poor family and had not seen anything beyond the village in his initial days, his dreams were not that big. Akshay draws a conclusion between him and Modi saying even the star had not dreamt of becoming a Bollywood star once.

The Prime Minister said that he loved reading books and often read biographies when he was a child. He admired soldiers as a child. On being strict Prime Minister he said that he never forced people to work, but because he kept working for long hours people around witnessed this and developed a work culture of hard work.  He talked about how he had been detached from his family in the earlier days of his life itself because of which he never felt the deep grief of being detached from family members that much.

Modi mentioned how he had made good friends in the opposition with leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad when he was an ordinary party member and had gone to the parliament for some reason. He narrates how Ghulam Nabi Azad responded to a person’s question about their friendship on how an RSS worker and a Congressman were friends. Azad had said, “what you see on the outside is not how the bond really is. We share a good bond. We are like a joint family.

He talks about post-retirement plans as always spending sometime on some mission and never wasting even a moment of his life. He says he had the merit of becoming the longest serving Chief Minister as the CM of Gujarat which no other former Prime Minister of the country had.

He also talks about how he never owned a proper bank account before becoming an MLA. Responding to Akshay’s question, the PM says, “If I had the opportunity to get three wishes of mine delivered, I would ask the genie to inspire people to work other than granting their wishes.”

Responding to social media memes, he says that he enjoys watching memes about him and thinks about how the common man’s creativity is. Modi says that he puts out truth with creativity in it through the memes. He also mentions how he used to enjoy group activities, games and yoga which help in the development of the individual. He also talks about cleanliness as one of the basic necessities and talks about his measures to ensure cleanliness including the construction of toilets  in various parts of the country.

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