Article 370: Supreme Court unit of AICC supports resolution on Jammu and Kashmir

Supreme Court unit of AICC (All India Congress Committee) extended its support on the repeal of Article 370 on Friday. The press note released by the unit expressed its endorsement to the government’s decision to divide Jammu and Kashmir state into 2 Union territories.

The press note released was issued by Anoop George Chaudhari, who happens to be the Chairman of Supreme Court Unit of the AICC Legal, Human rights and RTI department.

Dr. Karan Singh also said that the revoking of Article 35A will address gender discrimination.

The press note read, “Supreme Court Unit of the AICC legal, human rights, and RTI department resolves to fully endorse and support, in the national interest, the decision whereby the two Union Territories of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir have been created.”

The Bill to revoke Article 370 and reorganize the state into 2 Union territories were passed in Parliament. Today, the Law Ministry issued a gazette notification confirming the same. As per the order, President Ram Nath Goenka has notified the repeal of Article 370. The Bill was passed by Rajya Sabha on Monday while Lok Sabha passed the Bill on Tuesday.

Article 370 was a contentious provision in Indian constitution according to Home Minister Amit Shah, which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, due to which the state enjoyed certain special privileges. The erstwhile state could define its own residents under Article 35A, have its own state flag and its own constitution. Due to 370 provisions, many acts of the Indian government were not applicable to the state.

Jammu and Kashmir cease to exist as a special state and is now bifurcated into 2 Union territories, one being Jammu & Kashmir and the other being Ladakh division. Jammu & Kashmir will now be a union territory with legislature while Ladakh will be a union territory without a legislature.



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