Assam NRC to deport ‘infiltrators’: states BJP executive statement

NRC Assam

The Assam NRC,which brought up and formulated by the government to look into the matter of people’s citizenship in the state, received  a special executive statement from BJP exerting that it wouldn’t allow India to be used as a haven for ‘inflitrators’ and that everyone will be ‘identified’ and ‘stripped off their citizenship’

The session which was conducted gave a detailed account on how the NRC exercise was aimed at letting the ethnic population of Assam and to do away with the large-scale immigration which has been taking place in the state since the Bangladesh war. The BJP National Executive had passed a resolution on NRC which asserted that the government was committed to defending the interest of its people and would ensure that they were not deprived of citizenship.

BJP has also stated that the “Previous governments had been aware of the problem but due to vote bank politics did not have the gumption to take up the NRC exercise.” The party has also emphasised that the government is committed to save the interest of the Indian citizens and has ensured that the government will make sure that no Indian is deprived of their legal citizenship.

Stating that the government is committed to save the economic, political and cultural rights of the Assamese people. The recent migration issue has been accelerated with the Rohingya crisis with a number of immigrants entering the borders of the country.  The resolution also said that the government has initiated the process of identification of Rohingyas in many parts of the state and would take all appropriate steps to deport them. It also reiterated that the Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and Jains in neighbouring countries who seek refugee status would be given shelter without hesitation.

“The government is already undertaking the documentation of Rohingya refugees in India, and appropriate steps will be taken to deport them,” said the statement.



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