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Biggest, Top 10 achievements of Narendra Modi’s NDA Government

Narendra Modi 3 years government achievements
This article lists down biggest achievements of Narendra Modi government in its tenure of last 5 years. It had come in power with a clear majority in May 2014.

As the country braces for another 5 years of NDA government after General Elections 2019 saw BJP becoming the single largest party and NDA getting over 350 seats, BJP seems to be trying its level best to remain on top, specially riding on the achievements it counts under its belt.

Top BJP ministers have been giving press interviews and talking about the achievements of Modi government over the last 5 years and also, the initiatives that they are going to take in the new tenure to work on the target of achieving a 5 trillion dollar economy before 2024.

Though India has been optimistic under the leadership of Narendra Modi, there are still a lot of issues which remain to be addressed. This article, however, lists 10 biggest achievements of the central BJP government under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

Strengthened economy

While being the chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi had proven himself to be a great supporter of the economic movement. A strong economy has been on the top of Narendra Modi achievements.

Under his leadership, Gujarat became one of the most prosperous states in the country and he signed deals with a lot of foreign companies and governments. Narendra Modi has been successful in replicating the same on a bigger level. His foreign tours have brought in a lot of investment with Japan investing in the first bullet train in the country. Though the world shows slower progress, the Indian economy has been progressing with over 7% rate, making it one of the most positive signs for the future.

Recently, India surpassed France to become 6th largest economy worldwide and remains behind US, China, Japan, Germany and United Kingdom. Over the last few months, the central government has maintained its stance that India will be under top 3 economies in the world by 2030. India, however, is already third largest global economy on PPP (purchasing power parity) scale, just behind United States and China.

Improved International relations

Foreign policy has been among the top Modi achievements.

Narendra Modi has often been criticized by the opposition for so many foreign tours.
However, none of us can ignore the fact that his travels have made a lot of friends for the country. Be it about those warm hugs with Barak Obama, Donald Trump or attending Ganga Aarti with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. Be it visiting Sabarmati Ashram with Xi Jinping or Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu calling Narendra Modi ‘dost’. Narendra Modi has made friends with the biggest leaders of the world. It is because of his dynamic leadership that UAE spoke openly against Pakistan sponsored terrorism. India has extended financial help to countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghanistan and that has resulted in increased regional influence. Also, launching the South Asian satellite will come a long way in India’s plans to become next Asian superpower.

Narendra Modi Netanyahu

Recently, after Pulwama Terror Attack, over 50 countries across the Globe extended their support to India’s fight against terrorism. Germany even pitched the European Union countries to pass resolution in United Nation Security Council to declare Masood Azhar a global terrorist.

Change in attitude on international issues

Under the leadership of previous prime ministers, India was considered to be a defensive country with its focus on maintaining peace. Narendra Modi has shown a more aggressive way to deal with sensitive issues. Incidents like surgical strikes in Pak occupied Kashmir and destroying Pakistan bases give us a glimpse of it. Also, the government has come face-to-face with the Chinese government on various issues involving Arunachal Pradesh and Dalai Lama.

The last presidential elections in Sri Lanka were rumored to be influenced by Indian top leadership. Also, without caring for reactions, India has extended open support to Israel and both the countries are working together on a lot of deals involving defense and technology. Another such incident came at the time of Doklam Standoff, where India showed its resistance and refused to give up against the Chinese pressure. This strengthened India’s international image and proved that India has now started to take its stand and the world and countries around India should be well prepared to involve India in any such issue from the next time.

After the Pulwama Terror Attack, India refused to bow down to the international pressure and successfully conducted aerial strikes. The power of India’s foreign diplomacy was also visible when Pakistan freed India’s wing commander AbhiNandan in less than 3 days. Though there has been varied discussion on the number of casualties in the India’s aerial strikes, there’s no doubt over the fact that Indian fighter planes crossed over the international border and bombed Pakistan’s territory.

Increased Internal Security

Though tension of border still persists and there are continuous ceasefire violations by Pakistan, resulting in regular casualties of the soldiers and internal threats like Maoists, India has come a long way in securing the internal parts from jihadi terrorists. Over the last few years, there has been a big crackdown on the number of terrorists caught by the security forces and a lot of plans have been derailed. Communal violence has come down to a significant level and finally, the country can look forward to focus on mainstream issues.

Though the recent Pulwama attach can be considered a blot on the BJP tenure, India’s changed stance and aggressive retaliation against Pakistan seems like a positive move for the country.

Make in India & Digital India

Narendra Modi government has taken a lot of initiatives to directly impact the common people. Make in India was announced to make sure that MNCs start their plans in the country, resulting in generating employment and contributing to the economy.

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Make in India has gathered a great momentum and many countries have signed deals with respective state governments and the central government to boost FDI and employment.

Also, initiatives like Digital India has paved a way for future and brought millions of citizens in the mainstream economy. Also, the promotion of e-ways, which promises broadband connectivity in all villages by 2020, will prove to be a great catalyst in the success in future.

A government with a clean Image

In India, politics is often considered as synonym os corruption. Though the previous government came under huge criticism for scandals like CWG, Coalgate and 2G spectrum, the present government has not faced any such corruption charges and the politicians have worked with commitment and that is one big modi achievement.

Prime Minister has led his team with an example by not taking a single day leave in his tenure. Also, initiatives like the ban of beacons have grown the connection between common citizens and the government. Ministers like Sushma Swaraj and Suresh Prabhu are often seen directly communicating to people on Twitter and answering their queries, Narendra Modi too holds regular Man ki Baat program to talk on general issues.

Swachh Bharat

When this initiative was announced, a lot of people had laughed at the fact that the government was giving so much of an importance to such small issue. However, in the last two and a half years, this moment has picked up momentum and bigger cities have started to realize the importance of cleanliness. Railway Stations and public places are now way cleaner than the past and the general public has been involved to make it a mass moment where everyone is aware of their duties.


Goods and Services Tax, termed as the biggest tax revolution since independence has finally been approved and will be implemented from July 1st. The government has made sure that the new reform does not cost adverse to the people by keeping sensible tax brackets. A recent report on the rate of taxes on goods and services shows that majority of the items will become cheaper after GST and that has yet again established people’s trust in the intentions of the government. Before GST, the government had decreased the rate of income tax in the lowest slab from 10% to 5%, impacting a lot of middle-class people.

Special focus on rural India

Pradhan Mantri Ujwala Yojna has been one of the most appreciated schemes by the current government. The way central government involved the normal people by asking them to give up their subsidies to help the rural women with access to clean energy, has been widely appreciated. Also, schemes like Krishi Sinchai Yojna, Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojna, and Sukanya Samridhi Yojna have been directly focused for the rural population to increase their standard of life.

Recently, the government has also announced the electrification of 100% Indian villages. Though, it has taken over 70 years since independence, it is no small feat, considering there were over 18,000 villages without electricity before Narendra Modi became the prime minister.

Niti Aayog

Ever since India got independence, a lot of planning and execution was done on the central level by Planning Commission. Modi government scrapped the planning commission and introduced Niti Aayog, which promises equal power to the states on matters of planning. Also, the government has scrapped five-year plans from 2017 and will now have 3-year plans and 15-year plans, with clear agendas and objectives. Niti Aayog calls for supporting entrepreneurs and MSMEs to boost the employment in all sections. Niti Aayog works as a corporate entity with a CEO and answerable representatives.

Ayushman Bharat scheme

Though it is still to be seen how the scheme gets implemented across the country, this could prove to be one of the biggest schemes launched by any government in India. Under this, over 10 crore families and 50 crore citizens across the country will be eligible to get medical insurance worth 5 lakh (per family/yearly). This will subsume existing health insurance scheme, known as Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY), launched in 2008 by the UPA government under Manmohan Singh.

Tough stance on critical issues

With the latest government in power, the politics of appeasement seems to be getting over. After the initiative taken by the central government, the Supreme Court declared Triple Talaq unconstitutional and asked the government to bring a law within 6 months. The decision has attracted mixed reviews, with Muslim women coming in open support of the government as well as opposition once again trying to oppose the government. However, one thing has been proven that these decisions need guts and the current government has enough.

These were some of the achievements of the Modi government in the last 5 years. Though there are a lot more issues to be addressed in the next few years, the government has surely instilled a feeling of hope among the citizens by making them realize their roles and responsibilities. Let’s hope that the government will continue to achieve in the remaining term.

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Rishi Sankhla


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  • Modi is not involved even in single scam which was very common in the all previous Govt. People love him for his honesty and bold action all critical issues and main CHINA’s dologue.

  • Kunwar Chauhaji
    I could not give you even a PASS mark for writing this report. The reason is that the report is nothing but an attempt to write an essay, It is purely an express you PERSONAL feelings qualitatively. It is not backed by figures.
    Please always remember the famous dictum of Lord Kelvin (Founding Father of Modern Electrical Engineering), “IF YOU CAN’T EXPRESS SOMETHING IN FIGURES THEN EITHER KNOWLEDGE ABOUT IT IS MEAGRE OR YOU DO’NT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT”.
    Had it been a submission in any Examination, I couldn’t give you more than 2 out of 10.

  • There is a lot of talk in the media about the failure of the PM Modi’s Government to generate jobs. But the fact is that jobs are less due to the un-competitive practices of the Indian industry and the old fashioned policies promoted by the previous governments. Indian private industry is not known for innovation. Most IT companies were content in providing services to the major Western companies rather than developing something new to market. When Western economies came under pressure, Indian industry collapsed. It is to prevent a repeat of this scenario in future that PM Modi wants Make in India, i.e. innovate, manufacture and export. But the industry, the liberals, the seculars and the media are not interested in this. They just want to blame PM Modi. But they are actually destroying the indigenous industry in the process. Electrical, Electronics, Metallurgy, Heavy Industries are some of the fields that can employ a large number of people for years. But the emphasis is always on the highly unstable Information Technology. Indian Railways employs 14 Lakh people and is the 8th largest employer in the world. Central and State Governments, Defence services, Paramilitary are some of the large employers. That shows that Indian industry has failed to generate employment despite offers from Modi government. By blaming Demonitization and GST, the industry is only trying to evade scrutiny of its failures. Moreover populist schemes launched by various political parties to garner votes further hamper development. Then why blame the BJP government? Remember, PM Modi has been in power for only 4 years since independence. Prior to this there were other political parties and liberals who consider the BJP a terrorist party.

  • Shree Modi deserves to get another five years term to prove his abilities plus it will also help India reap benefits of his initiative he has already taken in his first five year term. He has raised the bar to a new height so much so that even if Congress regains power they too compulsorily have to raise the bar where Modi would have had left. Congress too will have to follow the same principal which BJP under Modis leadership has followed. It means Congress no more remains Congress. But having said so, they would require a leader as Charismatic as Modi to overpower him which seems very remote as of now.

    Congress had got enough of time to prove its governance and they took it for granted that no other party can ever challenge them. There’s no doubt that we do not have any Prime ministerial candidate at present better than Shree modi.

    Under his leadership this Government has done far better than any other Government in any previous five year term.

  • Modi ji much of the emphasis should also be given to eradicate corruption tk the best extent so that the common man have a good living .

  • nice narendra modi ne toh saab kuch kiya hai rahul gandhi ki sarkar mein toh kuch kaam nhi hua tha

  • He is just one of the best PMs India has ever had. Unlike his counterpart Pappu, He has a stature no other ministers can achieve.

  • The GDP is growing @of 8%+,what more u want…all the power of beaurocracy had been limited in centre’s services that is in Central excise (now gst which also covers Stacy and all 30 + taxes in gst) and income tax they can’t visit the unit without the permission of add commissioner (all the things hv to keep on record) and even after that average compliance is increasing day by day in income tax and in gst…hats off tomodigi

  • #INSIDE INDIA: *swach bharat (a unique mass project since 1947/after ashoka the great)*agrement with naga peoples fround(crumble down nuxlates with direct interension of prime minister of india)*GST(unified indian tax system)*DEMONITISATION(he keep his promise to crumble down black money
    and prove he can & reduce terrorist efitency)*aadhar(old upa govt cant fullfill the grand aim of attaining 100% succces of aadhar but modi did it in just 1 year)*insurance plans(starting from 1 rs per year to all)*gen dhan account(benifitted to 20 crore poor famiies)
    OUTSIDE INDIA:*surgical strike(showed the power of indian teritory & supremacy of india over terorrism)*doklam(proved strength over china)*grand solar alliance(even supreme over USA)*yemen rescue operation(3500 nurses including 225 from 26 other countries from war prone yemen#operation raahath)*diplomatic level( he continously visit over 58 counties and prove his diplomatic strength) jai #mutualism

  • Modi is a Man living to do good for India…. and knows, he has to do it in limited time… very effectively does it…. be it in Gujarat as CM….
    Riot Controls & development focussed approach, Gujarat Earthquake rebuilding works, Narmada Yojna, Electricity Generation, Roads and Infra developments, Ports, Tourism, River Front constructions, Dahej SEZ development, Dahej Ro-Ro ferry services, Zero tolerance to Corruption, Improving Govt revenue opportunities, Govt Transport Bus Conditions, Investment friendly Gujarat, Hi potential resource utilisation !
    be it for India as PM……
    GST implementation, Statue of Unity, Bullet Train, Demonetisation, Cleanliness drive, Foreign Policy, Military self respect, BJP’s growth across Indian states, Resource mobilisation, spreading wings of governance, arresting acts of terrorism, control on vegetable/food grain prices…..

  • I think Mr Modi should be given another 20 years and India will be what USA is today. I wish he could speak in English as well, so that the entire country will understand what he says.



  • It is rare to see positive analysis of a sitting prime minister. Leaving aside the hardcore cynics and beneficiaries of family owned Congress Party, there is a sense of optimism and hope in the country – hope that there can be “Honest government” and a prime minister from very humble background that the country extremely well.

    I am sure Modi is a role model for a lot of young Indians and also for those sitting in opposition and calling him names. Hope more and more honest and hardworking politicians get a chance to come up to the top and make India really strong.

  • I have written a book Modinomics. it presents similar ideas as you have mentioned. Many data cannot be expressed in numbers. feelings and emotions of people is one such data. it is important to document and present the overall philosophy and intents of the government. it is also not countable. it is something that has to be understood only. I hope you will appreciate. Do share your observations on my book Modinomics also.

  • Really Mr.Modi proved successful. We can see his last 5 years results and in his next 5 years.No communal problem.Really he deserves for next 10 years.He has to develop next generation leader because after Modi Who ? Thanks

  • BJP under Modi ji will take India to great heights. Modi ji will surely become the role model for all leaders of the world. Victory to Modi ji is victory for mankind.

  • reservation quota should not be increased or decreased but the slab of income for a particular community should be manage so that the community level should be arose. eg.
    15% quota of should be remain as it is but to those sc whose annual income is not so much than Rs. 2 lack. this could also be done for all other castes so that the inbalance of the castisism should be errased

  • I don’t think so that we get a better PM for #GrowingIndia in the future other than #MODIJI..All support for him only and i want My India to be a #DevelopedCountry after 10 years from now.It can be possible only if Modi jii will be our PM for next 10 years.A great Faith for him only #MODIJI..You are an inspiration.

  • The indianwire, you should have a smiley so that I can use it here. Internal security! Lol! How did 350 kg RDX came inside our territory? Swach bharat ??? Can you show me 10 cities which are clean and tidy. Don’t spread rubbish news to promote someone who has done anything to the farmers who are the backbone for what you and I eat everyday. Did he ever respect them. I pray god that modi should lose this elections and bjp should never come back again

  • Well done Mr. Modi:
    However experts & politicians may criticize his decisions like demonetization, introduction of GST, removal of the article 370 from the constitution, and teaching a lesson to Pakistan; it is only Mr. Narendra Modi who has shown the determination to fulfill his promises and the courage of conviction to stand by his decisions; not only in formulation and enforcement of policies but also in physical implementation like constructing the statue of Unity. His sustained campaigns for enablement of women, cleanliness drives, tough measures to maintain internal security, success in projecting a positive image of the country at international forums, steps to strengthen the economy has increased the credibility of India’s image in the international community. He has amply demonstrated his grit and strength of character as a real leader of people. Let us pray that he may continue to lead this nation and take it to the forefront of the world community.

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