BJP launches ‘Save Bengaluru’ campaign in Karnataka

BJP has been capitalising on the every-day issues that plague Bengaluru. The party drafted a charge sheet with as many as 15 charges. In this light, the party has set out on a fortnight-long campaign called, ‘Save Bengaluru’ across 28 assembly constituencies.

Congress and BJP have taken the battle to a whole new front. In response to the campaign, Congress too took to the streets. Bengaluru has now become a bone of contention between the two parties. For Congress the problem with the charge sheet is that BJP can’t be one to talk when theirs wasn’t a corruption-free tenure before Congress. The Twitter war was quite intense. Each went on to list each other’s scams. Congress also said that Bengaluru under them received the tag of ‘dynamic city’ and under the BJP it received the title of a ‘garbage city’.

But another problem with the charge sheet was that BJP was using pictures from Nepal and Mizoram to make its point.

The ‘save Bengaluru’ campaign seems to be going well, and with BJP’s wins in Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland are sure to make Congress nervous. If it wasn’t important before, it will certainly be important for Congress now to take notes and run the extra mile, if it wants Siddaramaiah to continue his tenure. The battle was tense before, and now it’s become personal, this will be an interesting election.