BJP Leader Mukul Roy’s Son States that BJP Has No Chances of Winning the Bengal Elections

Subhranshu Roy, son of BJP leader Mukul Roy, gave a statement on the 9th of May derogating his father for trying to use “hate politics” in West Bengal.

Following the West Bengal Panchayat polls of 2018, on the 6th of May, the BJP leader had promised to present all the first-time voters in the Jalpaiguri District with mobile phones in the event of BJP’s victory. However, Subhranshu Roy claimed that Bengal would never choose BJP over TMC. Subranshu claimed that West Bengal was moving forward at a steady pace under Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s leadership. Hence, they had no reason to vote for BJP rather than voting for the re-election of Trinamool Congress under Mamata in this Panchayat poll.

Subhranshu also pointed out that BJP was using a double sided political technique to acquire votes. His father, Mukul Roy, stood on one side, promising the voters gifts like smart phones to convince them to vote for them, while the BJP state President, Dilip Ghosh travelled around the State, threatening the voters and forcing their votes from them. Subhranshu stated that the citizens of Bengal were not very fond of such political ideologies.

Placing his entire confidence on present Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Subhranshu stated that such tactics might impress PM Narendra Modi, but it could never appease the people of Bengal. Subhranshu stated that the development of Bengal was only possible under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee, and that all of the citizens already knew that.

Mukul Roy had been a former leader of the TMC, and served as lieutenant under Mamata herself, before he joined the BJP in November 2017. His son, Subhranshu, however, did not deter from Trinamool, as he believed and supported Mamata’s ideals to the fullest.


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