BJP worker’s death sparks more political tension in Karnataka

It’s curious that a man is killed while putting up flags, in Bengaluru before Modi’s rally. The BJP worker named Santosh was stabbed in the thigh in J.C. Nagar. The death has brought much flak on the Congress. Two people have been arrested, and the case has been handed over to the Central Crime Branch for further investigation.

Santhosh’s Death

The timing of the murder before Modi’s visit to Bengaluru is what has made this death important. BJP claims that Santosh was killed because he was working for the party. But, the police have said that it wasn’t a political attack that killed Santhosh but personal rivalry. The former deputy chief minister, R. Ashoka visited the victim’s house on 1st February. He highlighted that this was the 24th murder of a BJP worker.

The prime accused Wasim and Santosh were said to be in conflict over the course of many months. Wasim belongs to the Congress party, unsurprisingly. The rivalry began four months ago. Santosh’s family alleged that the police too added fuel to fire and were supporting Wasim. The Home minister Ramalinga Reddy commented saying that Wasim may not have intended to kill when he attacked. B.S. Yeddyurappa found this offensive and questioned the Home minister on his comment.  The family in the light of events has asked for a 50 lakh rupees compensation for Santosh’s death.

The political battle

Home minister Ramalinga Reddy, said that BJP was owning every murdered man in the city as a BJP worker. This was bound to create drama. The government took action against the accused in a short span of time and providing 10 lakh rupees as compensation. Yet, they were criticised by the BJP, who seem highly rattled. They have criticised the government for letting these murders take place. On the other hand, Congress has claimed that it’s the BJP who sees the murders in a communal light.

Every other day a new issue between the two parties seem to crop up. That’s not all, everybody wants to share their thoughts on the event. When every matter is being politically defined, how will justice be served? It seems the present government in Karnataka is going to attract criticism whether they take action or don’t take action. This is not just the run-up to the arrival of Modi in the state but this fight will continue long after he returns to national matters. One is rest assured, where BJP and Congress are concerned, there can never be an agreement.