Blame-game continues.. Rahul Gandhi says, ‘Modi called Delhi a rape capital’

After the Bharatiya Janata party MPs created ruckus in the Parliament and demanded an apology from former Congress President Rahul Gandhi over his ‘Rape in India’ remark, he refused apologize and said that even Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Delhi a rape capital.

Speaking to the reporters outside Parliament, Rahul Gandhi said,”I won’t apologize… Let me clarify what I said. I said the PM keeps talking about ‘Make In India’. So when one opens the newspaper one hoped that one would see news about it, but what do we see when we open the papers? We see so many cases of rapes.”

During the winter session in Parliament on Friday, Bharatiya Janata Party MPs objected to former Congress president Rahul Gandhi‘s alleged remark – ‘Rape in India’.

While addressing a rally in Godda, Jharkhand on Thursday, the Congress leader said, “Narendra Modi had said ‘Make in India’ but nowadays wherever you look, it is ‘Rape in India’. In Uttar Pradesh Narendra Modi’s MLA raped a woman, then she met with an accident but Narendra Modi did not utter a word.”

Demanding an apology over his remarks, Union Minister Smriti Irani in Lok Sabha said, “This is first time in history that a leader is giving a clarion call that Indian women should be raped. Is this Rahul Gandhi’s message to the people of the country?”

Few MPs in Rajya Sabha raised slogans ‘Rahul Gandhi maafi maango’ (Rahul Gandhi should apologize). The Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu objected for creating such ruckus and said, “You cannot take the name of a person who is not a member of this House. No body has the business to disturb the House”.


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