Chandrababu Naidu praises Narendra Modi for positive economic trend

N Chandrababu Naidu, chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has praised Narendra Modi and his bold decisions, which were instrumental in keeping the economy on track. In a recent interview to ET, Chandrababu Naidu stated that the general notion within India is to consider digital payments costlier than the cash payment and that has been one of the biggest factors, which remains to be addressed effectively.

N Chandrababu Naidu belongs to Telugu Desham Party and is a part of NDA (National Democratic Alliance). He also heads the committee of chief-ministers on digital payments and has been instrumental in voicing concerns and suggestions related to implementation of digital payment system in India.

In the interview, he stated that banks have levied certain charges on the digital transactions and that has been one of the reasons behind the slow adoption rate of digital transactions. Naidu has submitted a report to the union government suggesting subsidising digital payments so that more people can be a part of the digital revolution within the country. Subsidising the transactions will also make sure that banks do not have extra burden and citizens get to enjoy same rates on digital as well as cash transactions, which will result in improved adoption rate of digital transactions within the country.

Talking of his 3 years tenure as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, he considered these years as the most challenging in his politics career. He mentioned that the partition in 2014 had left the state with significant deficit, no capital city and inadequate infrastructure. However, his party has lived upto the expectations of the voters and has fulfilled the promises made at the time of elections.

When asked about his achievements, Naidu said that sourcing over 35,000 acres of land for building the capital city was a big task, however, the cooperation of farmers and the citizens made it possible. Also, changes in administrative reforms helped Andhra Pradesh climb up to the ladder in the rankings of ‘ease of doing business’ issued by world bank. MoAs worth 17 lakh crores have been signed and over 3 lakh crores have been invested within the state. Some of the largest investors include Kia motors from Korea, Apollo Tyres, Hero Motors, Isuzu, Bharat Forge, CEAT Tyres. Also, a lot of smartphone manufacturers have approached Andhra to set up their manufacturing units.