Chandrabubu Naidu takes a leaf out of Mamata’s notebook, will meet opposition leaders in Delhi

By Naralokesh at en.wikipedia (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Mamata Banerjee spent some time trying to rally forces against BJP in Delhi. Now TDS’ Chandrababu Naidu will be doing the same next week. He will be in Delhi in the beginning of April to meet various opposition leaders.

This will be the prep work before the 2019 elections. TDS, of course, has been crusading against BJP saying that Andhra Pradesh has been betrayed by the party. The no-confidence motion though is yet to be discussed and is still pending so far. Naidu has also been in touch with Mamata Banerjee since he left the NDA.

Mamata has also extended her support to TDP’s no-confidence motion. Naidu said, “I will go to Delhi. I will garner support from all parties and fight for justice. Will seek their cooperation and support for our rightful demands.” The TDP MPs have already been in touch with the MPs from other parties in the Parliament to seek support for the no-confidence motion.

Congress, RJD, TMC, NCP, and AIMM have already lent their support to TDP. Naidu is championing the cause of Andhra Pradesh. Though both Mamata and Naidu will try and fight BJP they have their own differences as do all the other parties. Mamata has her eyes set on West Bengal more than defeating BJP and TDP on Andhra Pradesh. BJP only happens to be the common enemy in this case. The Third Front while it is in the talks still has a long way to go before it materialises into something that can really hold off the BJP. For it to happen the parties will all have to have a common understanding and a strategy to fight BJP. At this point, the fragmentation is too deep-rooted and unlikely. This year will first have to pan out accordingly, and time will tell what the parties manage to pull off.