Congress leader and former mayor of Bhilai Nirmala Yadav quits the party, joins BJP

Former Bhilai Mayor Nirmala Yadav resigns from Congress to join BJP

This election season there has been quite an exchange of members between the BJP and Congress. Latest on the list is Nirmala Yadav, Congress member and former mayor of Bhilai who quit the party and joined the Congress.

Nirmala Yadav on Thursday resigned from the Congress and took primary membership of Bharatiya Janata Party in the presence of Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh.

The move comes just four days before the second phase of assembly polls in Chhattisgarh, which is another jolt to Congress. Previously, other leaders of Congress also have quit the party and joined the Congress in the poll-bound states.

Talking to media, Yadav said that she was unhappy with the activities which were going within the party. She claimed that there is infighting in the party and so now wants to work in Bharatiya Janata Party.

She further alleged that  there is no respect left for women leaders and party workers in the Congress party. She later went to Ekatma Parisar and met with BJP National General Secretary and State In charge Dr Anil Jain and other senior BJP leaders from the state including BJP State General Secretary (Organization) Pawan Sai, BJP State Vice President Sunil Soni and BJP Raipur President Rajiv Agrawal.

Few days earlier, senior Congress leader Ghanaram Sahu, from Durg district, had joined BJP and took the primary membership in the presence of BJP National President Amit Shah.
Today, another 700 Congress workers in Sarangarh joined the party in the presence of Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh. The Chief Minister was in Dongri Pali in Sarangarh for election campaigning today, where these Congress workers joined BJP.


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