CPI(M) makes draft political resolution public


On Tuesday, CPI(M) released its draft political resolution. The draft was adopted during the central committee meeting in Kolkata in January. The resolution speaks about CPI(M) plan to overthrow BJP in the upcoming elections. But CPI criticised it as being a ‘self-contradictory’ document.

The draft which is over 80 pages talks about uniting against the BJP. But, it rules out the idea of an alliance with Congress. It puts Congress in the same category as the BJP as part of the ruling class siding with the landlord class. It also cites that Congress has been unsuccessful in trying to fight the communal forces. BJP is considered the main enemy, but it also sees BJP and Congress as equal dangers.

The draft will come up for a vote in April at the conclave. It suggests that the CPI(M) will work with secular parties on agreed issues. It will work to mobilise people on the issues of farmers and workers against the communal threat. The draft is backed by senior party leader Prakash Karat. The draft also found support from the current party chief Sitaram Yechury. It reveals lack of political clarity. But it also refers to pre-poll alliances ahead of the 2019 elections.

The party wants to join hands with regional parties to oppose BJP at the grassroots level. One will still have to wait until April to really understand the party’s intentions. While it heads into polls in Tripura all guns blazing, it is unsurprising that BJP would not be considered in a better light. If the unity between parties is, in fact, possible it will be a huge first for a country with politics as fragmentary as India’s. In 1996 and 2004, CPI(M) was able to bring the parties together which did lead to several progressive laws. The unity for the upcoming elections is still an uncertain project.