Lok Sabha Polls: Cvoter-IANS Survey suggests 45.60% voters ‘very much satisfied’ with Modi govt’s performance

New Delhi, May 13: With Lok Sabha polls coming to an end with the last phase of voting on May 19, the satisfaction level of the people with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party remains high as most of the respondents in CVOTER-IANS tracker continue to give a thumbs up to the ruling dispensation.

In a month-to-month comparison, the net satisfaction rating for the government remained almost unchanged between April 9 and May 9 during which voting was held for five of the seven phases of Lok Sabha polls. Voting for the sixth phase was held on May 12.

In a sample of 11,250 on May 9, 45.60 per cent respondents said that they were very much satisfied with the current BJP government and 25.33 per cent said there were happy to some extent. Another 27.37 per cent said they were not satisfied with the government at all. The net approval rating on this day was 43.76.

A month ago on April 9, 45.57 per cent respondents had said they were very much satisfied with the current government with an overall approval rating of 44.54. The month showed an intense campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and an equally charged pitch was made by the opposition to challenge the government. The numbers show that the government has been able to hold its popularity among the voters during the crucial phases of the poll process.

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Among the states, voters in Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Bihar and Gujarat remained most satisfied with the performance of the BJP government while those in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Punjab remained least satisfied. The trend among the states has also remained unchanged from the start of the poll process towards the end.

On January 1, only 36.35 per cent respondents had said they were most satisfied with the performance of the BJP government which had an overall approval rating of 32.15. There was a spike in the approval rating to over 60 in the first week of March after the Balakot air strike before it started coming down in mid-March to settle in the mid-40s throughout May.



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