Deve Gowda defends grandsons, slams family politics, says people wanted them to contest

When everyone slammed the Congress and its allies for doing family politics, former Prime Minister Deve Gowda defended his grandsons saying people of the constituency wanted him to contest.

Defending his grandsons Nikhil kumaraswamy and Prajwal Revanna, former Prime Minister Deve Gowda says people of the constituency wanted his grandson to contest from Mandya and Hassan constituencies. Deve Gowda said, “People describe this as family politics. We are children of farmers. we believe in God. My father was an ordinary farmer. By grace of God, we grew in stages in politics.”

“It is not in anyone’s hand. Voters have strengthened us. We, whether it is Revanna, myself or Kumaraswamy have served them to the best of our ability,” he added.

“In Mandya Nikhil Kumaraswamy is contesting. All the eight MLAs and three ministers of Mandya were adamant that Nikhil Kumaraswamy should contest from there. This is the truth… Prajwal Revanna is an engineering graduate. He is into social work for many years. People and the party workers have recognised his work.” said Deve Gowda speaking to PTI.


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