Free Health check-up for Delhi government employees over 40, Anil baijal gives assent

Delhi Lieutenant-Governor Anil Baijal gives his nod to the free health check-up scheme for Delhi government employees on Thursday. The scheme is expected to benefit over 1.5 lakh Delhi government employees who are over 40 years of age. LG’s approval has ensured the final seal in the process of this health scheme.

The scheme, if implemented successfully, would go a long way in ensuring greater productivity and good health of government employees.

Till now, Only IAS officers and Group A Civil Services officer were offered such facilities. But extending this to all of the employees under the Delhi government is a landmark decision that will also help in boosting the efficiency of administration.

“With the introduction of this scheme, all employees of the Delhi government will be eligible for an annual health check-up scheme with the introduction of this scheme. The scheme shall benefit approximately 1.5 lakh employees currently working in Delhi government. Such facilities were so far available to IAS officers and Group A Civil Services Officers only,” a statement from the L-G’s office read.

Now any Delhi government employee eligible for the scheme can visit any authorized hospitals for the check-up. The government will reimburse the spent amount on checkup to the employees.

Anil Baijal instructed Chief Secretaries of various departments to work out on the modalities of the scheme and ensure that all employees get to avail benefit under this scheme, no matter what their service grade is.

In the meantime, various departmental heads are preparing a list of ” unproductive and tainted” officers that could be made to sit for retirement. This move comes after Anil Baijal directed Chief Secretaries of various departments to retire all such unfit employees compulsorily.



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