Frequent transfers demoralising police department in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been taking strict step to maintain law and order in the state, he is totally intolerant to even the smallest of crime. One of the major step he took is to keep a hanging sword on the heads of all the police officials, that if they fail to maintain law and order in their designated areas, they will be immediately transferred. As a result of which UP has already witnessed transfer of 800 senior police officers from the director general to additional superintendent level, since April 26.

Yogi had pledged to make India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh a crime free state. But the initiatives taken by him to abide by his promise is creating a feeling of uncertainty and is demoralising the police. Though the transfer orders were issued in several installments, still with 800 transfers, meaning 10 transfer a day is something to make the police uncertain. The recent transfer of Shreshtha Thakur for standing against the BJP workers was like adding icing to the cake. Another prominent transfer, increasing the feeling of uncertainty was the change of additional DG (law and order) two times in less than three months.

Important districts such as Rae Bareli, Sultanpur, Mathura and Balrampur have also seen two new SSPs apiece since April.

Though Adityanath’s effort are in the direction of making Uttar Pradesh a crime free state, his actions are raising eyebrows and creating a feeling of suspicion and uncertainty.