Gautam Gambhir in a twitter fight with Omar Abdullah over “a separate PM for J&K”

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Former cricketer Gautam Gambhir who joined Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) last month ahead of the general elections, exchanged barbs with the National Conference leader Omar Abdullah on twitter regarding Omar Abdullah’s comments on Sunday while he was addressing his party saying that a separate Prime Minister should be elected for Jammu and Kashmir.

In a rhetoric tweet, the cricketer-cum-politician retorted back to the National Conference leader mocking him for his desires to have a separate PM for Jammu and Kashmir, that he is in need of good sleep and some strong coffee. Gautam Gambhir followed his remarks by saying that Omar Abdullah needs a “green Pakistan passport” for his remarks and a failure of understanding the election of a separate PM for Jammu and Kashmir.

To answer back the cricketer, Omar Abdullah tweeted that Gautam Gambhir should tweet more about cricket for it is in his domain. He expressed his less knowledge of cricket and therefore his non-interference in the sport. On the basis of the same, Gautam Gambhir should limit his statements when he has no knowledge about the history of the state and what are the issues in the state. Omar Abdullah advised Gautam Gambhir to stick to “tweet about the Indian Premier Leagues (IPL).”

Gambhir replied to the Omar Abdullah saying “never mind your cricketing prowess” and “clean your reading glasses.” without ending the already steamed debate.

Addressing a public meeting on Monday at Bandipra in North Kashmir, the former Chief Minister said that the Jammu and Kashmir accession to the union of India was accomplished in the lieu of various constitutional safeguards for the state and if these are tampered with, the entire scheme of accession will be under question. He also said that his party will work towards getting back the coveted posts of ‘Sadr-e-Riyasat'(president) and ‘Wazir -e-Azam’ (prime minister) for Jammu and Kashmir.

Recently in a rally in Jammu and Kashmir, finance minister Arun Jaitley mentioned the need to remove article 35(A) of the constitution that deploys the employment rate and regards Jammu and Kashmir as a special state for the welfare of the state.


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