Government shifts focus on Job Creation in policy making

Narendra Modi

Giving clear instruction to his ministers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed that the proposals coming to cabinet ministers should mention about the possibility of employment they can generate. The government will complete its 3 years this month and according to sources, it is trying to keep up the promise of generating 1 crore jobs during the tenure.

Nirmala Sitharaman, Commerce and Industry minister of India told ET that whatever proposal comes to a ministry and requires some expenditure, needs to give details of the number of jobs it can create.

A recent report by Crisil stated that over 15 lakh people enter job market every month. However, the growing rate of automation is decreasing the dependence on labour and impacting the employment rate.

In the age of automation and technical advancement, employing the sub-standard labours becomes difficult. The fact that despite initiatives like Skill India and Make in India, the number of skilled labours is still below the required mark.

To ensure more such initiatives, Niti Aayog has drafted a 3 year work-plan to work towards building more opportunities of employment along with identifying steps for individual sectors like tourism, gems and jewellery, apparel and footwear.

Between 2012 and 2016, 14.6 million jobs were created in the country. With the growing population and increasing dependency on labours, this sector still puts a key challenge for the government.