I will work towards achieving the India of your dreams : Modi in US

After receiving the heart warming welcome by the Indian community in Washington, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the warmth that the Indians have given is memorable and after meeting them he felt as if he was meeting his family members.

Modi is on a four day trip to three nations, after his visit to Portugal, on his second stop in US, he will be meeting the US President Donald Trump. The Indian-Americans hosted a series of events for the welcome of the Prime Minister.

While addressing the Indian Diaspora on 25 June, Modi promised of a developed India in their lifetime. He said that the success of the Indian Diaspora is because of the supportive environment they get in US and that the Indian government is also working towards providing the same environment back there in India.

Praising the efforts of the Indian Diaspora, Modi said that the Indian in America has not only helped India to progress but it also helped in the growth of India. He further added that India will also soon develop as the 1.25 crore people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari have resolved to do something for their country. They are they are now getting supportive environment with the help of different reforms introduced by the government. Addressing the grievest problem of Indian politics, the prime minister said that, previous governments were changed due to their practice of corruption, but he was proud that in the past three years his government did not have even a single spot of corruption on their government and governance is being modified so that honesty becomes an in-build process.

Modi addressed the people present their as is family members and said that after meeting them he felt like he was meeting his family members. He promised to work towards achieving the India of their dreams. He further added that if they wanted t give back anything to India, this is the time and urged the American companies to seek the opportunities available for investment in India.

Modi also praised the efforts of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and the members of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).