I won’t leave, expel me if you want; Yashwant Sinha to BJP

(Photo by Subhendu Ghosh/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)
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A veteran leader and former finance minister recently launched a political platform to voice his discontent over the policies of the NDA-led central government. Going by the name “Rashtra Manch” and headed by the nowadays-irked BJP leader Yashwant Sinha, it is a movement of farmers and unemployed people. For Mr Sinha, being a citizen of India is bigger a thing than being a BJP member.  According to him, the government has created an atmosphere of terror in the country instead of addressing problems within the economy. He also added that his fight is not to a person or party but the policies. Coming in support was Shatrughan Sinha from the BJP. He says he had joined the platform launched by Yashwant Sinha because he had not been given a forum in his party for expressing his views.

Sinha v/s BJP leadership and policies

The past few months have seen Mr Sinha inclining to a fallout with the BJP leadership. Sinha recently took up the cause of farmers in Madhya Pradesh as it was constantly neglected by the government. There is a proposal for a power project in Madhya Pradesh’s Narsinghpur district. However, farmers retaliated. And now with Sinha, the hold is strong, to say the least. Meanwhile, Sinha announced taking part in a farmers’ agitation against the power project on Friday. Hitting out at the governments Mr Sinha said that those sitting in Delhi and Bhopal are unaware of farmers’ plight. He also termed the budget as ‘jugglery of numbers’. The government could have done wonders to the poor and middle class, but it lost an opportunity.

Real Problems v/s Reel Problems

The Senior BJP leader wisely pointed out the problems in the educational, agricultural and employment sectors. “These problems have not crept up overnight…the government has failed on these counts in the last three years”, he further said. Even the authorities have continuously ignored all the problems. Their attention has shifted to going after those who challenge their narratives.

When asked about leaving the party, he told the reporters-

“I will not leave the party, but if it wishes, it can expel me.”