Jharkhand elections : PM Modi accuses opposition parties for slow-paced development of state

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (File Picture)

Addressing a public gathering in Hazaribagh’s Barhi on December 9, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the opposition parties for the slow-paced development of the Jharkhand state. The Prime Minister said that the opposition parties are to be held responsible for Jharkhand’s deficiencies.

Modi said that the ruling BJP government has always worked honestly. He also said that there were many projects that were stalled because of the opposition parties. As quoted by ANI, he said, “Had these projects been implemented, then the opportunities for trade and employment could have increased manifold but Congress, RJD and JMM ‘s ill-intentioned moves led to faulty policies.”

Prime Minister Modi is currently addressing various rallies in the state due to the ongoing state polls. The state is undergoing polls for its 81 assembly seats. Polls are being conducted in five phases. as the term of the exisiting assembly is set to end on January 5 next year.

Jharkhand Election Schedule-

  • Phase-1: Polls on 30 November
  • Phase 2: Polls on 7 December
  • Phase 3: Polls on 12 December
  • Phase 4: Polls on 16 December
  • Phase 5: Polls on 20 December

He further added that the grand old party was reluctant in developing the Jharkhand state. He also accused the opposition parties of misusing Centre’s money. Iterating the works of his party, Modi said that the Bhartiya Janta Party has been successful in bringing a positive change in the state. The saffron party leader also urged the people to vote for the BJP.

Speaking to people further, Narendra Modi also cited the example of Karnataka where the elections saw a failure in government formation due to unclear majority.

The leader then addressed a rally in the Bokaro district also.

Previously, the state went to the polls on December 7 for its 20 constituencies. It was the second phase of voting. A total of 48,25,038 voters participated in the second phase.

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