Kerala Minister flings racist slur at senior World Bank official

Senior CPI (M) leader and Kerala Public Works Minister G Sudhakaran defamed a senior World Bank officer, Dr. Bernard Aritua, who is associated with road development projects aided by the agency in Kerela.

In an interview, Minister said that world Bank means America only and Kerela came into existence way before America was born and warned the official for not threatening them to withdraw loans. He further called KSTP (Kerela State Transport Project) as the most corrupted projects in Kerela. He then termed Dr. Bernard Arituan as a ‘Negro’ and said that he belongs to Obama’s cast as he is an Afro-American. He also talked about the slave history of Africa and called Dr. Bernard Aritua a part of it. He concluded this statement by accusing World Bank of the sluggish process of the project.

As this statement went viral, G Sudhakaran said that he will write an apology letter for the same or else he will express his regrets the next World Bank officials visit him.

Is G Sudhakaran seriously guilty or is he trying to cover up his remarks as World Bank has taken a serious note on his racist comments and it would harm his political career?