Arrogance is the main reason of BJP’s electoral ills.

Ever since the BJP came to power, it has been dismissive of everything that happened in the past and vowed to start on a clean slate after eradicating 1,200 years of slavery under the Muslims and the British.

Biggest Failure of Narendra modi Government : 

  • Failure to implement article 370, due to more traitors in India. Pseudo Secular Baba, Didi and Abdulla and will create a big law and order problem, BJP government back down due to pseudo secular.
  • Failure to deport illegal Bangladeshi immigrants due to their Mamatamai ammi and fearing atrocities against Hindus.
  • Failure to build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, because pseudo secular and sychophants liberals will bring down India to knees
  • Failure to put behind bars the anti national people who gave anti India slogans and people who supported and justified it in the name of freedom of speech.
  • Failure to change the currupt mentality of Indian society, which tries every way to evade taxes, and demands world class infrastructure
  • Failure to change the mentality of Indian society, which still throws garbage on the road, spit on road, defecate in open and urinate on the roads and shamelessly says where is Swacha Bharat.
  • Failure to change the slavery mindset of some people of India who still think they are born to be slaves and rule by dynasties
  • Failure to stop the black money generation cycle post Demonetization, as lot of shameless people in India still pay in cash and accepting money only in cash just to save money on tax. Its not saving it is curruption by evading taxes.
  • Failure to stop the abuse of public property, by people who protest for facilities, reservations in education and jobs and end up vandalizing public property
  • Failure to implement uniform civil code and have one nation one law for all, but no one in India wants or cares about it but then complain about the social divide and discrimination
  • Failure to remove caste and religion based reservations in education and jobs and implement reservation only for economically backwards, because people in India feel pride in being called lower caste, dalit and demands caste based reservation. Now lower upper caste also wants the reservation.