LK Advani may be the final candidate of NDA for Presidential Elections

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Amidst the discussions held by different political parties for making a consensus on the candidate for the next President of IndiaBJP leader Shatrughan Sinha, suggested the name of BJP veteran LK Advani as the most deserving candidate for the post.

He said that in spite of being 89 years old, Advani was physically fit and has the ability to understand the complexity of the Constitution. Shatrughan Sinha tweeted that, “As the D-day for the Presidential election draws close, I strongly echo the views of Advani ji’s admirers and well wishers. He is clearly the most suitable, learned, respectable, experienced, desirable and deserving candidate for the most prestigious post”

Sinha had described Advani as “Pitamah” of the BJP, saying that he most richly deserves to be President of the country. Shatrughan Sinha, has been avoided by the party after Narendra Modi became prime minister. He was also not inducted into Modi’s council of ministers though he has claimed of long association with the BJP, since the time when the party had two members in the Lok Sabha.

Apart from Shatrughan Sinha, according to news published in March, Narendra Modi had also proposed the name of LK Advani as the next president of India, during a party meeting in Gujarat’s Somnath. Modi reportedly said the President’s post would be a ‘guru dakshina’ for LK Advani.