Lok Sabha Polls: Priyanka Gandhi and Kamal Nath turn to prayers before seventh phase of voting

Ahead of the seventh and the last phase of Lok Sabha polls, Congress has pitched general Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to campaign in Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath offered prayers at the Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain on Monday.

Kamalnath posted on Twitter saying that “today at the Mahakal temple in Ujjain, Priyanka Gandhi offered Pooja Archana and sought the blessings of baba Mahakal for the happiness and prosperity of the region in the state.”

Addressing a rally in Ratlam Priyanka Gandhi said, “during an election the representative of political parties campaign in various districts. The main agenda of the campaigns is how the party will serve the people.” But Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has only campaigned since 2014 and not done any work for the people. She added that the party has campaigned and advertised as if they have conducted a lot of development work in the country. However, the people in the state give a different picture.

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan welcome Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in Madhya Pradesh and to ensure the farm loan waivers. He added that “When you offer prayers at the Mahakaleshwar temple, please ensure your to ask Kamal Nath and Rahul Gandhi to waive the farm loans that was promised within 10 days after Congress came to power in Madhya Pradesh.”

Ahead of the promise the Congress on May 7 handed over a list of 21 lakh farmers whose loan waived off by Chauhan.

VIII constituencies in Madhya Pradesh will go to polls in the seventh and last phase of the Lok Sabha elections on May 19. The results for the Lok Sabha elections will be announced on May 23.


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