I made a mistake but Karnataka voters will not: Amit Shah

Bharatiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah yesterday reacted to criticism over his recent gaffe to hit back at Siddadamaiah’s Congress government by saying that he might have made a mistake, but Karnataka will not when it goes to polls this year.

While speaking at a party rally in Mysuru, Shah referred to his slip of tongue and said Congress party should not be too happy about it because their time in the government is up and the people of Karnataka have seen through it well enough to reject them in upcoming elections.

“Siddaramaiah and Rahul Gandhi were very happy over my mistake while speaking about the Chief Minister’s corruption. I might have made a mistake, but the people of Karnataka will not do so, because they have understood Siddaramaiah’s government very well,” he said.

The BJP chief was referring to a recent incident when he made a gaffe by calling Yeddyurappa corrupt when he actually intended to say that incumbent CM Siddaramaiah’s government should get the number one award in corruption.

Although Shah had immediately corrected himself after being prompted by BJP MP Prahlad Joshi in the presence of an embarrassed Yeddyurappa himself, several Congress leaders, including president Rahul Gandhi, had a field day and took pot shots at the BJP chief, saying they fully agree with him and that he finally spoke the truth.

Continuing his speech at the rally, Amit Shah said this time Congress and JD(S) are going to get the “biggest shock of their lives” in Mysuru, which happens to be the home seat of CM Siddaramaiah. He said this in response to Congress party’s claims that BJP has traditionally been little weak in this region.