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Mukul Roy quits TMC; resigns from Rajya Sabha

Mukul Roy Bengal
Mukul Roy, senior TMC leader has quit Trinamool Congress and resigned from his Rajya Sabha seat.

Mukul Roy, the rebel leader from Trinamool Congress has today resigned from his Rajya Sabha seat. He met Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu earlier today to submit his resignation. With this, he has also quit his membership from Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress.

Speaking to the reporters, Mukul Roy stated that the parties should consider all of its members as one. Everyone in a party is like a comrade and not a servant. The democracy has no place for parties where the scene is controlled by a single person. He also added that he was leaving the party with a heavy heart.

Mukul Roy was once considered as the second-in-command at TMC. However, recently, he was seen drifting away from the party and on September 25th, he had announced quitting the party after Durga Puja. Following which, TMC had suspended him for six years.

There are speculations that he might join BJP. Publicly, Mukul Roy has not denied this. In a recent interaction with the media, he had stated that the TMC has had a seat-sharing arrangement with BJP in the 1998 and that time, it did not consider BJP as communal.

If Mukul Roy joins BJP, it will be a huge boost to the party’s fortunes in Bengal. Off late, the dominant approach of TMC has made BJP and other parties bite off the dust in the state. Mamata Banerjee has always been a vocal critic of BJP and the central government and establishing itself in Bengal could be a great relief to the party.

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