Narendra Modi to visit United States, confirms White House

Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will visit United States later this year to hold bilateral talks with the President of United States, Donald J Trump. The announcement was made public by an official release from White House. The two leaders had spoken over phone on Monday, where Trump had congratulated Narendra Modi for the recent success in Assembly Elections.

The statement released by White House reads, “President Donald Trump spoke to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and congratulated him on the recent win in Assembly Elections. President Trump also extended his support for the ongoing economic reformed in India and expressed his respect for the Indian people. Trump also extended an invitation to Narendra Modi to visit Washington later this year”.

The call on Monday between the two leaders was the second time both of them spoke after Trump was made President of the United States. Donald Trump has been vocal in extending his support to the policies of Narendra Modi and has stated that Modi is a leader who brings growth. Donald Trump has always maintained his stance of considering India as a strategic partner and has asked for India’s support to tackle various global issues.


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