NDA government will bring Citizenship Amendment Bill if voted to power again : Narendra Modi

Speaking at his rally in Silchar, Assam, Narendra Modi said how the Citizenship Amendment Bill will be passed by the BJP if voted to power in the 2019 general elections.

PM Narendra Modi on Thursday said that the BJP will pass the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Modi said that the Assam’s minority is being ill-treated in the hands of the Congress.
“The Congress has a history of creating problems. India was divided on the basis of faith in 1947. However it was not thought what would happen to minorities in Pakistan that was created in the name of Islam. What would happen to the brothers and sisters there, the Congress did not think,” the prime Minister said.

“A large number of people who went to temples and gurudwaras in Pakistan and Bangladesh came to India. The Congress made them stateless in their own country. Created doubt on their identity. Daughters were harassed in the name of religion. Should the Congress not be punished for playing the present and future of lakhs of people?,” he asked in his poll rally in Silchar, Assam.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill allows the granting of Indian Citizenship to non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The passing of the bill was opposed by the opposition. Earlier Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said that,” The burden of illegal immigrants was not borne by Assam, it will shared by different states”.


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