New President to assume office, exactly after 2 months : Pranab Mukherjee

pranab Mukherjee

Just a day before, the All-party meet, hosted by Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi at her residence to discuss the presidential elections, Pranab Mukherjee says that, he has exactly two months to go. 25 July a new President will assume office. Though, opposition leaders have appealed to Narendra Modi government to build consensus of all parties to nominate Pranab Mukherjee for a second term, Mukherjee indicated of retirement.

The President said that, after staying in public life for decades, he was not sure if he could do justice as a President, who has to go by the constitution. At the farewell tea organisation of Venu Rajamony, Press Secretary to the President, Mukherjee said that he was sending the officials back to their department, who had worked with him. He further added that one of the official working with him has gone to Commerce Ministry and two from the Ministry of External affairs as ambassadors. Venu Rajamony is now appointed as India’s envoy to The Hague.