Nitish Kumar making efforts to make peace with Congress

Nitish Kumar

Talks are high in the air that with Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar supporting the NDA Presidential Candidate, Ram Nath Kovind, its coalition with Congress will be hampered. Rumors are also there that JD(U) may leave the coalition with Congress and join back with BJP.

Denying any such possibilities, Nitish Kumar has said that, backing the NDA Presidential candidate is just one difference and the coalition with Congress is secure and will continue. In fact he also suggested that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi should again start up the initiative to bring back together all the opposition parties on a single platform. He further added that the recent issues like the farmers unrest in Madhya Pradesh and the killing of farmers in Mandsaur and the initiative few opposition parties had taken to addressed the distress of the farmers should be taken forward. Kumar said that if Rahul Gandhi takes the issue of farmers distress and calls opposition parties to stand as united, JD(U) will definitely support Congress.

In his statement to ET, JDU general secretary KC Tyagi told “As Nitishji said in Patna yesterday, the Janata Dal(U) wants Rahul Gandhiji, as leader of the largest Opposition party, to take initiative for Opposition unity. The difference over the presidential election was just a one-issue difference. If Rahulji takes the initiative, JDU will join it. The time has come to take the joint agitation beyond Mandsaur.”

Nitish Kumar also indicated that the JD(U) will support the Congress and stand with the opposition parties in regard the nominations and supporting the Vice-Presidential candidate.