Affordable treatment for all – Narendra Modi

PM congratulated Tata (Memorial) hospital on their platinum jubilee, while launching a book and also stressed on affordable treatment for all.
Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar to not attend the all party meet, called by Sonia Gandhi

As Nitish kumar is busy with some important government work he will not be attending the all party meet,headed by Sonia Gandhi. Instead, senior party leader Sharad Yadav would represent JD-U.
Mamata Banerjee

Modi and didi are two flowers from the same stalk – Congress

Left-Front and Congress expresses their doubt over the meeting of Banerjee and PM. They call PM and Mamata Banerjee to be the flowers of the same stack.
Narendra Modi 3 years government achievements

Modi likely to bring in investment opportunity from the 4 nation tour

Narendra Modi is likely to get in more investment opportunities in India from his 6 day tour to 4 nations starting from 29 May.

Telangana CM dares Amit shah to prove his allegation or apologise

Amit Shah has accused the TRS government to be incapable and Telangana CM dared him to prove his allegation or apologise to the government.
Congress Rahul Gandhi Sonia Gandhi

All party meet with Sonia converts to social lunch get together

The all party meet of the opposition, has been diplomatically converted to get together over lunch, due to issues between Mamata Banerjee and CPM leader.

IT issue summons to Misa Bharti and husband in benami property deals

IT has issued summons to Misa Bharti and her husband with charges of alleged Rs 1,000-crore benami property deals after the raids done on 16 may.

BJP’s 3rd anniversary celebrations to focus on Bengal, Kerela and Odisha

BJP will be focusing on its weak states, aiming to educate the public about their achievements in 3 years and building good image for future.

Naidu accuses Congress for misleading people on Kashmir issue

Naidu accuses Congress for criticising the government regarding the Kashmir issues, whereas their wrong policies were responsible for these issues.

Jaitley files another defamation plea on Kejriwal

Jaitley files another suit against Kejriwal on charges of instructing his lawyer to use defamatory remarks against him and has demanded again for ₹10 crore.