Pakistan Celebrating Nitish Kumar Victory: Shiv Sena

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Shiv Sena slams JD(U)-BJP reunion.

Shiv Sena said BJP seemed its ally had “made Pakistan happy” by aligning with Nitish Kumar. The Sena said in an editorial that politics today was “no longer about morals and ideals” and added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah had “snatched away” the opposition’s prime ministerial face. Amit Shah had earlier said if Nitish Kumar won, Pakistan would celebrate. So is Pakistan celebrating now, asked Shiv Sena. According to them, BJP itself has made Pakistan happy by collaborating with Nitish.

In just two years, after Modi kept on with his winning spree, Nitish Kumar’s conscience once again made him join the NDA fold. The BJP formed a government in Manipur and in Goa despite not having a majority, it said. “The BJP should ask its conscience if this would have been possible if the party did not have its government in Delhi,” the Sena said.

Shiv Sena further aimed potshots at the BJP and said that in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case, Nitish spoke against the saffron outfit, so how will the latter party forget such sharp criticism