Sat. Feb 24th, 2024
Punjab: Patiala MP Preneet Kaur hits back at Congress, questions disciplinary action taken against her

Lok Sabha MP and wife of former Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh, Parneet Kaur has sent her reply to the Congress Disciplinary Committee. She wrote in her reply that those leaving the party are questioning me. The party is completely free to take action.

Two days ago, she was sent a show cause notice by the Disciplinary Committee. In her letter addressed to INC Disciplinary Action Committee’s Member Secretary Tariq Anwar, the Patiala MP said: “At the onset I am surprised to see that a person who left the Congress party in 1999 on the issue of Mrs. Gandhi being a foreign national, and stayed out for 20 years till 2019, and had to face disciplinary action himself, is now questioning me on a so-called disciplinary matter.”

Parneet Kaur said that, “The Congressmen in Punjab who have made allegations against me are those who have many issues pending against them. If you call my husband who was then chief minister, he will give you details about their doings. He protected them because they were from his own party. However I suppose you will not do this.”

She said that she has always stood for her constituency and Punjab. “As per your show cause notice I have always stood by my constituents, constituency, and my state Punjab and have taken up their issues regardless of which government is in power. I hope you are aware that every minister of a Congress government in any state has to meet his department Union Government Minister, in this case the BJP Government, to get their state’s issues resolved.”

“This was done in the past Congress government in Punjab and today I am sure that it is being done by the Congress government in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan as well. I too shall always continue to meet the state and Union government to resolve such issues, whether you like it or not.”

Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) President Amarinder Singh Raja Wading said, “Parneet Kaur ji, your reply to show cause notice, oozes out ingratitude and arrogance towards party that made you and your family politically relevant, even ignoring their treacherous and deceitful traits.”

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