PM Modi bids adieu to retiring Rajya Sabha members

By Narendra Modi [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Around 60 Rajya Sabha members will be retiring and PM Modi bid them farewell in the parliament. While making his speech he also expressed his feelings against the disruptions that haven’t allowed the members to retire till now.

He also expressed his disappointment that they wouldn’t be able to debate on important issues like the triple talaq Bill. What was surprising that PM Modi and Congress shared the same space to address the retiring members.

PM Modi said, “We bid farewell to some of our MP colleagues in the Rajya Sabha. They have contributed significantly to parliament and we have all gained from their experience and insight.

He even acknowledged the Upper House’s hand in playing an important role in the country’s democracy. He assured the retiring members that even though they won’t be part of the debate he will take into consideration their suggestions and ideas to work for the development of the country. He said that his doors were always open for members.

Congress leader Ghulab Nabi Azad said that “political leaders never retire.” He even said that this was only a ‘temporary’ farewell. Azad addressed the disruptions admitting that it looked bad, but he insisted that democracy was alive because of the members of the parliament.

Modi though had a different stand on the disruptions, he said that the onus of development was not on the opposition alone but also on the government. He said, “It is not necessary that whatever happens in the Green House (Lok Sabha) happens in the Red House (Rajya Sabha)” indicating that the Rajya Sabha held the distinguished members of parliament who were vital to the democracy of India. He said, “It would have been much better had they left behind some good things but they could not get the opportunity,” referring to the protests and disruptions. But he conceded that those who were re-elected would certainly have the opportunity to do so.