PM Modi sees desalination plant demonstration in Israel

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On his way back from Haifa to Tel Aviv, PM Modi with his companion PM Netanyahu, stopped at Dor beach to view a demo of tech pioneered by Israel for desalination of sea water and purification in disaster-hit and remote areas.

One of the 7 packs which India has signed with Israel deals with the corporation in water management and recycling of wastewater. MoU was signed between India’s Drinking Water and Sanitation Ministry and Israel Ministry of National Infrastructure, Water and Energy resource for water conservation in India. This will put water conservation as a national agenda in India and will encourage every citizen of India to save water. Israel will soon bring in a desalination plant in India in order to purify the Ganges and other rivers. Water utility reforms and other advanced technologies will also be introduced in India. The main focus will be on wastewater treatment and its reuse in agriculture.

Generating awareness about water conservation is very important as its will promote re-use, recycle and recharging of the water.