PM Narendra Modi, Benjamin Netanyahu vow to fight against terror

Yad Vashem, a reminder for unspeakable evil wrecked years ago, said, PM Modi. He wanted everyone who believes in magnanimity and civilized values, must come together and fight against the evils that have persecuted the world. He paid a tribute at Yad Vashem museum to all the Jews who were killed by Nazis under Hilter’s regime. He also said that Jews’ unbreakable spirit has helped them to rise above all the tragedy and build a democratic nation.

He termed India and Israel as ‘sister democracies’ and should work together to fight against terrorism. Modi also mentioned the names of India Jewish heroes like Vice Admiral Benjamin Samson, Master Architect Joshua Benjamin, and film actress Nadira, Sulochana etc. and said that India is proud of them. He also talked about ancient times when Jews came to India and their tradition and practices have bloomed in India.