PM Modi to review job creation data on Sunday

As the opposition parties are alleging the NDA government of decrease in GDP growth and fail to keep up their promise of creating around 1 crore jobs every year, NDA government stands up in their defence.

Job creation was an essential element of BJP’s poll pitch in 2014 and the government is keen to address the issue well before the next national election. With an intention to frame a policy response to criticism that GDP growth has not translated into higher employment, PM Narendra Modi will oversee a review of job creation and data collection on employment on Sunday.

While, the prior ruling UPA government was charged with allegations of jobless growth, they somehow managed to dodge the allegation, he ruling NDA is keen to examine both employment avenues and data generation. The top policy makers are denying to the fact of lack of job creation, saying that there is a lack of credible and timely job data that makes it difficult to assess job creation.

The official data used to asses the number of jobs created suffer from some shortcomings. The terms of sectors it covers is not well defined, its mapping of the informal economy is unorganised and its lacks sufficient distinction between jobs and self-employment.

Niti Aayog vice-chairman Arvind Panagariya is heading a task force set up by the government to assess the creation of jobs based on credible data and the panel has been mandated to formulate a methodology for timely and reliable statistics. He will be making a presentation to PM on employment data, during the meeting on Sunday. Arvind Panagariya denies the allegation, that government has failed to create adequate jobs, saying that the data provided to jump to this conclusion is inadequate. He further added that soon new data will be presented on the basis of recent surveys, which will help policy-makers get a better sense of the employment scenario.

Arvind Panagariya also said that a wide ranging surver is required, suggesting that some data can be collected from the EPFO, ESI data and that the Niti Aayog is working towards it.